NiChrome App Creator

NiChrome App Creator 1.0

NiChrome creates Google Chrome Apps

NiChrome creates Google Chrome Apps

NiChrome App Creator is a software created by Chamuth Chamandana (CEO of Ninponix) to create Chrome Applications Easily. Chrome Applications (not extensions) enables users to quickly go to a website without typing the URL in the URL bar of the browser.

NiChrome App Creator software is a good solution for blog writers and website admins. To create an app with NiChrome App Creator you need to provide an App Name, Description, App URL (URL of your website), App Website (The place where you can download the Chrome App) and an Icon for the Chrome Application

This software requires .NET Framework 2.0 or higher to work properly

NiChrome has an Interesting GUI (Graphical User Interface). NiChrome is easy-to-use. NiChrome users does n't have to use JavaScript to create Chrome Linking Apps. NiChrome is a free-to-use, Ads-Free and Spam-Free Software.